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Welcome, Misfitians to the first ever in-depth course where you get to follow along in my shoes from start to finish as I complete this very favorited poppy illustration.

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“Took a two week watercolor course at my local art museum. I found myself confused and frustrated after the first day. Watched your videos and applied what I learned from you to the class. At the end of the two weeks, the teacher was astounded at my progress. Funny thing is I learned it all from you. lol. Thanks @watercolorMSfit” – Lauren

Not Your Average Watercolor Class…

This isn’t your average still-life or dull landscape watercolor. Nope! For years I’ve been breaking the rules and doing watercolor my way – which means working with bright vibrant colors and adding mixed media elements to spice things up – or even correct mistakes (gasp!). Yeah, watercolor is already hard enough – so this series is meant to break things down in a fun and easy to follow manner. Thus allowing you to paint along with me AND see my thought process from beginning to end during an illustration.

In this tutorial, I’ll be walking you through how to paint three gorgeous poppies as well as some curious little moths to keep them company


Your Instructor

Carrie Luc

Hi there! My name is Carrie – the artist behind Watercolor Misfit. Perhaps you have heard of me from my YouTube channel, which I started shortly after getting married to my best friend in the entire world in 2012. Since then ALOT has changed and this little hobby has turned into my dream job! Currently, I teach watercolor courses online to my loyal fans – called Misfitians. It’s hard to believe now, but this all started when I was in college pursuing my Masters Degree of Education. As most know, being a college student means one is constantly broke. So to earn extra money on the side – I taught art workshops to my students for over 10 years. What’s even crazier, is that nearly half of those students went on to win numerous art competitions after training under my supervision. Also to help pay the bills, I painted numerous commissioned portraits and illustrations thinking this was just a profitable side job for the time being.At the time, I honestly didn’t give it much thought, but now I realize that teaching art was what I was born to do. Although I took several college art classes and nearly graduated with an art minor – I decided to not pursue it in the end. You see, many of my art teachers simply didn’t have the desire to teach. In fact, it wouldn’t surprise me if they hated it. This is why I consider myself a self taught artist – simply because I did try to pursue higher art education but was frustrated by the lack of teaching given me while there. So, I graduated with a Masters Degree of Education without the art minor. Although, at the time it seemed like I was taking a step back from art – nothing couldn’t be further from the truth. With a Masters Degree of Education in hand, I learned how to create courses from scratch and developable achievable goals for my students to find success. This coupled with my own personal experiences in watercolor – and my filming background are sure to please in a easy to follow in a visually stimulating manner. With the help of my wonderful husband and Misfit Dream Team – Watercolor Misfit is growing faster than I could even dream and I can’t wait to share this experience with you.

Sneak Peek of What’s Inside

Like I said earlier, this isn’t your average watercolor course – where you sit and watch the artist paint with little instruction and vague details. These styles of classes frustrated me to no end – leaving me discouraged and with little empowerment to actually paint. This is why, in my course, I not only teach you how to paint these gorgeous poppies – but also the basics of inking, mixing colors, AND some basic rules for painting flowers.


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I also wanted to give everyone the opportunity to learn watercolor! This is why I’ve included drawing templates which are easy to trace and take the stress of drawing your poppies off your mind. I mean we all know, the drawing is the most important part of a watercolor painting. This means you’ve already got the hardest part of this illustration done! Plus, I’ve given you 2 drawing templates to make the process that much easier. One for your basic outline and one for final details added at the end of your painting.


No worries, if you can paint a flat wash, and a gradient wash – you can paint this illustration. If not, see the “Extra Resources” section. Yep, you heard me right. I teach you everything else you need to know in the course. So, if your new to watercolor and willing to give it a try – by all means join the course!


I’ve also included a packet of worksheets to help you follow along with me during the course. I created these to make learning as easy and simple as possible all while having fun! I’ve included a Mixing Chart Worksheet to guide you in painting your poppy illustration PLUS an Inking Worksheet – which is crucial for learning how to ink your illustration. If you have ever wondered why your inked drawing might turn out looking like a coloring sheet vs. an inked illustration – I explain it all in this class on inking! Trust me, honing your inking skills is crucial to mastering a great illustration.


No worries, again! While it will be easier to follow along with me if you have the same supplies – please feel free to use your own paint sets. I purposefully made the course with this in mind. Instead of teaching you to use a particular paint color – I show you how to mix colors to create your own paint hues – which we use for the illustration. So, no worries if you can’t afford all the supplies I mention!

Judith was concerned that her painting would not look the same because she did not have access to the same supplies, but that’s ok. You really don’t need the same supplies – it’s how you use them. Here’s what Judith sent me a few days later:


If you are curious what a student’s work would like – here’s a glimpse!

Dorothy was a newbie and was concerned her painting would not look like everyone else. But you can see it here:

Course Curriculum

Comments From Students:

“I’ve learned more from a 10 minute YouTube tutorial about watercolor than I did in 4 years of art school. Thanks @watercolorMSfit” – Alyssa

“I was gonna go to bed at a reasonable hour, but then I caught @watercolorMSfit live streaming and now all I want to do is paint! – Lisa

“Been drawing most my life, but never tried watercolor. Thanks Carrie for making it so simple to follow and entertaining for us “newbs” as you say.” – Richard

“Thanks Carrie for the well though out videos! I’m excited to try watercolor again!” – Deborah

Frequently Asked Questions

Is this a live event?

No this is not a live event. You can watch it anytime you wish – even if we are sleeping.

I’m an extreme newbie – can I take this course?

Yes! Newbies are welcome. In fact I created this course for newbies, but advanced watercolorists will learn something too.

I can’t draw. Could I still take this course?

Yes! Drawing isn’t needed – as long as you are a good tracer! I provide templates (or printable inked drawings) for you to trace on to watercolor paper. Thus, you can concentrate on the painting and leave the drawing to me 🙂

Is it possible to purchase the class and do it later or do it more than once?

Yes! You have lifetime access and you can print out the templates as many times as you want for your own use. So you can do it as many times as you want.

Can I watch the course on my iPad or Android Tablet?

Yes! View the course with your IPAD or Android Tablet.

Are these videos downloadable?

At this time no sorry, the videos are not downloadable. The files are very large to ensure the quality is crystal clear so streaming them is faster. However, you can watch the videos on your PC, Mac, iPad, or Android Tablet at anytime.

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