Uncovering the Secrets of Masking Fluid & Watercolor





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Have you ever felt paralyzed to create? Especially when it comes to using supplies you aren’t familiar with. For years – one such supply for me was masking fluid. To be honest, it was a really big pain in my backside but I knew it was an important supply for me to conquer and use in my art journey.

The main reason I hate working with masking fluid is that hours of pain-stacking work can be ruined in a matter of seconds if you are not careful.  Hence, most of the time, I simply simply paint around the area I would traditionally mask.  

But, sometimes you just can’t do that. Sometimes, masking fluid is a vital supply that needs to be used with watercolor. Hence why I will be showing you what I have learned along the way as I demystified this very complicated yet necessary supply.  



    • Exploring what is masking fluid

    • My secrets for prepping masking fluid and applying it

    • Tools and hacks used for removing masking fluid with ease

    • Mistakes to avoid when using masking fluid

    • 4 in-depth exercises exploring how to use masking fluid

    • Exploring texture with masking fluid

    • Using masking fluid for details

    • Masking fluid and color studies





Some frequently asked questions:



No this is not a live event. You can watch it anytime you wish – even if we are sleeping.

Yes! Newbies are welcome. In fact I created this course for newbies, but advanced watercolorists will learn something too.

Yes! Drawing isn’t needed – as long as you are a good tracer! I provide templates (or printable inked drawings) for you to trace on to watercolor paper. Thus, you can concentrate on the painting and leave the drawing to me 🙂

Yes! You have lifetime access and you can print out the templates as many times as you want for your own use. So you can do it as many times as you want.

Yes! View the course with your IPAD or Android Tablet. 

At this time no sorry, the videos are not downloadable. The files are very large to ensure the quality is crystal clear so streaming them is faster. However, you can watch the videos on your PC, Mac, iPad, or Android Tablet at anytime. You can also speed up the videos as you wish.